About ProDisc

ProDisc is a Total Disc Replacement (TDR) technology platform that offers a surgical alternative to spinal fusion. Qualified patients generally suffer from a single level degenerated disc in the upper (cervical) or lower (lumbar) spine. ProDisc implants are intended to relieve pain while allowing the potential for motion at the diseased spinal segment.

Synthes Spine is currently the only company in the United States to offer Total Disc Replacement devices for both the upper and lower spine:

Spinal Surgery – Know your options

Total Disc Replacement surgery with ProDisc is different from traditional spinal fusion surgery. Both surgeries are intended to relieve pain by removing the diseased disc and restoring the height of the affected disc space.


Spinal fusion surgery

Implants intended to stabilize the spine and eliminate motion are implanted.

​Lumbar spinal fusion

Cervical spinal fusion


Total Disc Replacement surgery

Implants intended to allow the potential for motion are implanted.

​Lumbar Total Disc Replacement
with the ProDisc-L

Cervical Total Disc Replacement
with the ProDisc-C


Important Patient Information:

The resources provided on this site are for informational purposes only. This website is not a replacement for professional medical advice. You should discuss both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options with your doctor. Only your doctor is qualified to diagnose and treat your condition.

Problems can occur when you have spine surgery, including surgery with ProDisc implants. There is a risk that the surgery may not make you feel better or may cause you to feel worse. If this happens, you may need another surgery to help you feel better. View the specific problems that can occur during or after ProDisc-L or ProDisc-C surgery.



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